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Head Heart Action

This quick formative assessment gives students the opportunity to view the lesson in three different ways: mentally, emotionally and physically.

Head Heart Action

How well do I know these words?

Think of using this vocabulary graphic organizer in pairs as students determine the words they think they know and the ones they actually know.  Doing this activity as a pair gives students the opportunity to talk about words and how words benefit their learning.

How Well Do I  Know These Words?


This iconic strategy created by Dr. Taffy Raphael, offers universal design in its approach to inquiry.  There are several ways to utilize the Q-A-R model; ultimately scaffolding based on student need. The "Right There" Questions are found directly in the text.  The "Think and Search" are inference-based questions.  Finally, the "Author and Me" Questions or "On My Own" Questions encourages students to interact with the text on a personal level.

QAR Handout

QAR Author Handout