Peg Grafwallner, M.Ed.

Instructional Coach, Author, Blogger, National Presenter, Really Good Listener

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My goal is to help teacher’s shine. Using research and pedagogical practice, I meet with teachers, actively searching for what they need and how to meet their level of need.  Next, I observe their practice, determining strengths and challenges; transferring strengths into leadership and challenges into opportunities for growth.  Finally, with resources and strategies, I offer literacy growth and achievement so teachers are empowered, emboldened and encouraged in their instruction.


It is up to us to create culturally responsive, rigorous lessons that give our students opportunities to ask, wonder and grow.  Engaging students in those lessons can sometimes be a difficult task; however, by working together to provide ideas, suggestions and resources that engage and motivate our students is our responsibility and our obligation.  Let me support you in this work!


We give our students the opportunity to make choices knowing that is best practice.  But, what can we do to guide them in the right direction when those choices don’t always appear obvious?  Please check out the various articles and resources to help redirect your students toward meaningful choices and outcomes.