A Few Words, A Huge Impact

As the Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist at a large urban high school, I’m in classrooms all day offering suggestions, proposing resources and learning from my colleagues.

The other day I was in a Science classroom, observing and supporting a new teacher.  I wanted to learn ways to offer assistance, so I listened as she explained her expectations and instructions for the upcoming lab.

Any Given Sunday

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about standardized testing other than it exists.

In theory, I believe in it.  As teachers, we need to have a baseline that can measure growth and can help guide our teaching.  If a student does poorly on the section entitled, “Craft and Structure”, we can spend valuable time using research based strategies that demonstrate specific skill building within Informational Text: annotation, main idea and detail, summarizing, compare/contrast, cause/effect, and inferences.