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Keeping Learning Real, Relevant, and Relatable

Our students are reading all day long—text messages on their phones, emailed directions about homework, apps from advertisers. They read what interests them and what helps make their world a more real, relevant, and relatable place to live. And we can tap into their interests to embed speaking, listening, reading, and writing in classes to help achieve content objectives.

Keep It Real

Students want to learn about things that have an impact on them in their daily lives.

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It's a Check-Up!

NCTE August 5, 2017

Changing our language when referring to assessments and offering our students choice might help to alleviate student anxiety and give them a chance to feel empowered!

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A Different Path: What Running Taught Me About Teaching

Edutopia June 21, 2017

As a novice teacher, I wanted my students to "get it" so badly that I thought if we just struggled through it, the light would go on.  But what happens if they don't catch on, do we just continue to focus on it until they do - however long that may take?  Here are some suggestions on how to use productive struggle without causing a struggle.

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What is Capable Support?

ASCD Inservice May 24, 2017

Our daughter needs your support, not your help.  This blog explains the difference and why support is so vital in her life.

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Reprinted in Easterseals on July 14th, 2017

Struggling Reluctantly

NCTE March 23, 2017

It’s become a personal quest of mine, something that I repeatedly profess in professional meetings, in presentations, on Twitter, and on my own personal blog.

The terms “struggling” and “reluctant” cannot be allowed to reference readers who need our support. Those terms come from a deficit model of thinking, in which somehow these students will never become the readers we want them to be but, rather, will continually fail according to some district initiated benchmark or criterion.

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When a Minute is a Minute

ASCD Inservice February 23, 2017

As you prepare your next lesson, step back and allow your students the time they need and the time they’ve earned to think through their thoughts; you will be inspired by what a minute can do!

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Don’t ‘Should’ Me

Education Update June, 2016 

A writing teacher changes her language to stop ‘shoulding’ on her students.

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Compliance, Control and Consideration

ASCDExpress February 11, 2016 

It’s the little things that builds a relationship. Here’s how to demonstrate respect without losing one’s authority.

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The Literacy of the Visual Arts

ASCD Inservice June 29, 2016

When the lesson doesn’t work, don’t blame students.  Here’s an opportunity to look inward.

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Giving Students What They Want and What They Need

Literacy Daily August 18, 2016

While all of us have had challenging students in our class, here’s one suggestion for success.

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